Vinyl rules

Time to dust down the old decks for these two cracking tunes available on vinyl only. [for now?]

Daphni – Yes, I know

Massive Attack vs Burial – Four Walls


Beautiful landscapes

Stunning landscapes here from Dustin Farrel, this is number two of a planned trilogy, watch one here.

Switch to full screen and enjoy.


Restaurant scene


gal hair

Animated gif one

Loving these awesome animated gifs from Jamie Beck. Taking the old favourite in to new territories. Think this might catch on.


This post has it all: cycling, electronica and a great video. Some cool edits and great colour treatment for Figures.

Video by Chris Tirrell & ENTWURF

Only 2 weeks until the Tour starts, think this should get a few plays.


Skateboarding in the rain reminds me how quickly Vans get soggy. Great camera angles on this short and brilliant choice of music directed by Eli Stoneberg.

Yes I know

Great video for Memory Tapes by Najork using some very eerie effects. Watch at the end for a nice touch sampling Peder Norrby‘s Starlings.

Handmade Portraits

Some beautifully filmed portraits in this series by Etsy. Particularly liking this one. More here.